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Better Late Than Never: Speeding Can Kill

Obeying the speed limit is often looked upon as “prudish” or being overly cautious. While the speed limit signs are clearly marked on every public roadway you will drive on in Polk County, people rarely follow them. However, driving at a safe speed could mean the difference between life and death. On October 4th, a […]

When You Lose Control: How Overcorrection Can Be Deadly

We’ve all been there. You are driving along normally, and whether it’s distracted driving, a strong wind, or a change in the roadway, your car drifts off to one side or the other. If you’re fortunate, it drifts to the side where there is a median or emergency lane to give you some “grace.” If […]

When The Right of Way Goes Wrong: Local School Bus Accident Sends Lakeland Children to Hospital

Sessums Law Group is staunch on our position that drivers have a responsibility to our local Polk County children when it comes to practicing utmost care when near a school or a school bus. Occasionally though, the driver of the bus can make a mistake, and that is exactly what happened here in Lakeland this past week. […]

Lights, Cameras, Action: A Quiet Patrol Turns Into A Large-Scale Police Chase in Polk County

A quiet patrol of Posner Park in Davenport turned into a large-scale chase on Monday, September 5th, 2016 with what started as an easy evening run-through of the popular shopping center by Polk County sheriff’s deputies. However, they decided to investigate further when they saw a suspicious-looking truck suddenly turn around upon spotting them. After […]

Take It Slow: When Speeding and Wet Roads Take Lives

It’s common knowledge that you shouldn’t speed when roads are wet, yet here in Central Florida, the regular presence of rainy weather and our open roadways can cause us to become calloused to the true danger of driving in inclement weather. Sadly, this led to the death of two local residents in Polk County this […]

Bicycle Safety: Protect Yourself When Biking on Major Roadways

On our Sessums Law Group blog, we have discussed safety tips for motorists regarding motorcycles, pedestrians, semi-trucks, and most of all, other motorists. However, many of these posts have focused on how the driver of the vehicle should practice safety. However, there are also times when the unexpected can happen to you even when you are being […]

Seatbelt Safety: How One Young Man’s Life Might Have Been Saved

Polk County residents know that I-4 is not only one of the main means of commuting to and from the major work cities of Orlando and Tampa, but is also one of the primary causes of vehicle accidents in our area. Our local news is constantly reporting accidents of all levels of severity, and Saturday […]

In the Blink of An Eye: How a Split Second on The Road Can Change Your Life

Yet another life has been claimed by a Polk County roadway, and several more victims are hospitalized with serious injuries. On Tuesday, August 2nd, Sharon A. Sampson was driving her Infiniti G35 north on Old Lakeland Highway, and for unknown reasons, crossed over the center line into the southbound lane, striking a Dodge Ram pickup […]

Babysitter Beware: Using Caution When Choosing Childcare for Your Little One

Recently, we were saddened to take on a case involving the death of an infant child. What’s even more unfortunate is that this child was in the hands of a childcare facility when the death occurred, and it was the second child death at this particular location. We are grieved for the parents, family, and […]

Gotta Catch ‘Em All: How Pokémon Go Is Affecting Our Roadways

Pokémon Go, a recent game released for mobile devices, is a huge hit with people of all ages. Essentially, “catching” and collecting the various characters is the point of the game, but unlike traditional games, this app is a sort of “alternate reality” where the characters are found within your actual surroundings. While this might […]


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