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Understanding Florida Divorce Law

Ending a marriage is often a difficult and complicated ordeal. Being prepared for the process can be your best asset when fighting for your own—and in many cases your children’s—well-being.

The divorce process, filing for divorce and getting divorce advice in Lakeland and Sebring

The first step in the divorce process is filing for divorce in Florida. You or your divorce attorney can obtain a dissolution of marriage form and, once submitted, the process begins. You must gather information to complete this petition, mostly personal data that includes the following:

  • Full names and complete contact information for both parties
  • Full name(s), age(s), and school year(s) for any child(ren) involved
  • A copy of the divorce decree if either party was involved in a previous marriage
  • A copy of a prenuptial agreement, or any other domestic contracts (if applicable)
  • If separated, the date of separation
  • Certain financial data

If you enlist the divorce help of a skilled family lawyer, they can oversee the completion of the dissolution of marriage petition. The petition can then be filed with the courts and served to the other party. Most often, cases are referred to mediation in order to try to avoid a lengthy trial after the initial proceedings and compilation of data.

Divorcing in Florida may also involve mediation. If mediation is successful, the agreed-upon settlement is submitted to the courts and made official. If mediation is not successful, which is more often the circumstance in a contested divorce, the case proceeds with steps leading up to a trial. At any time during the divorce process, you may reach a settlement, which would subsequently end the case.

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