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Benefits of Divorce Mediation and Separation in Lakeland & Sebring, FL

In addition to our divorce services, Sessums Law Group, P.A. offers quality separation advisement and divorce mediation. We are providing this information for your convenience. However, if you have any questions, it is best that you consult with one of our skilled attorneys.

Divorce mediation in Florida

Mediation can be a favorable option for couples facing divorce or separation. In issues concerning a child, such as parental responsibility, primary residence of the child, visitation rights of the child’s parents, or child support responsibilities, it is likely that the court will instruct both parties to attempt to reach an agreement using a divorce mediator before going before a judge.

This can be beneficial for everyone involved. Being in the middle of a nasty custody trial can be emotionally taxing for children and parents alike. If the parents are able to reach an agreement during their divorce mediation sessions, the mediator can draw up a summary of its terms for reviewing. Once approved by the divorcing parties and their attorneys, the agreement is approved and enforced by the court.

Legal separation in Florida

As an alternative to divorce, separation can be another viable option. Although Florida does not offer provisions for legal separation, two potential options may be used as substitutes for legal separation:

  • During a marital separation, you can file a petition with a court requesting child support
  • In some instances, you can petition the court for temporary alimony, although it is awarded only rarely

Most frequently, the courts honor requests on issues concerning children in a separation, whether it is child support payments, custody or visitation rights, or sometimes spousal support. The courts are more likely to entertain those types of requests over alimony requests in a separation agreement. But courts can also decide to refuse all such requests and suggest that the couple file for divorce.

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