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Divorce Attorneys in Lakeland & Sebring

Divorce can be an emotional and trying time for all involved. A relationship is ending and sometimes one or both parties may take inappropriate actions fueled by anger or sadness. Even if your split is not contentious, it is crucial that you find a divorce lawyer who has experience and is someone you can trust. Your Lakeland divorce lawyer represents your wants and needs, and fights to make sure you receive whatever you are entitled to.

Finding the right divorce attorney in Lakeland & Sebring

What qualities should you look for in a Lakeland divorce attorney? Perhaps most important is that your Sebring divorce attorney has experience in the areas that most closely fit your needs. Consider the following matters:

  • Child custody: If you and your spouse have children who are minors, the chances are that your divorce arrangement needs to include provisions that determine how their time is divided between the parents. First, you want an attorney who can take the necessary actions to ensure you temporary custody rights for the duration of the divorce proceedings. Your lawyer should also be well-equipped to fight for your long-term custody rights.
  • Temporary support or payment of debts: You need a divorce lawyer who can advocate for your financial rights. For however long the divorce proceedings last, you should not be left with the full financial burden of paying off debts or other financial responsibilities. The right attorney should ensure your protection in this matter.
  • Determination and division of marital assets: Skilled attorneys can work cooperatively with the other party to establish the value of all marital assets at the time of divorce, and to ensure that you receive a fair settlement when the time comes to divide those assets.
  • Alimony: Oftentimes, one party is entitled to some sort of financial support for a certain period of time following the divorce. The ideal divorce lawyer can determine what your entitlements are and ensure that you receive them.
  • Child support: Depending on your divorce arrangement, one party may be required to pay monies to the other for coverage of expenses concerning the child. The right divorce attorney makes sure that your child is taken care of financially.
  • Modification to orders: If you are unhappy with a previous court decision regarding divorce or child custody, you should seek an attorney who has success with modification and reconsideration.

Our Sebring & Lakeland divorce attorneys are here for you

The experienced Lakeland and Sebring divorce lawyers at Sessums Law Group, P.A. know Florida family and divorce laws and can help you with any of your concerns, including legal separation. If you have any questions, or wish to enlist our services, please call the Lakeland office at 877-826-5630, the Sebring office at 863-658-4796, or contact us online today.


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