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According to the National Transportation Safety Board, a car accident occurs every ten seconds in the United States. If you were recently involved in an auto accident, you know that the time following the accident can be stressful and confusing. You may be asking yourself whether you should seek legal representation, especially if you were injured.

Seek advice from an attorney

You may wish to initiate an accident lawsuit for a number of reasons. In fact, if you think you require a car accident attorney, you probably do.

The following is a list of typical reasons you might consult an attorney:

  • You and/or your passenger(s) sustained one or more injuries from the accident
  • You and/or your passenger(s) felt fine immediately following the accident, but discovered one or more injuries later on
  • More than one vehicle was damaged in the accident
  • Other physical property was damaged in the accident
  • You and the other driver(s) involved in the accident are in disagreement over who is at fault
  • You worry that the accident may have been the result of a malfunctioning or defective vehicle part

Our Sebring and Lakeland auto accident attorneys can advise you on your options in the aftermath of a crash, and inform you of your rights.

What to do if you are in a car accident

In the minutes after an auto accident many people find themselves in a state of emotional shock. The sudden, unexpected, life-altering event brings with it many questions. At the Sessums Law Group, P.A., we offer friendly personal service and seek the best outcome for you in your automobile accident case. Read on to learn more about what to do after an auto accident to protect your right to seek compensation.

What should I say or not say?

If an auto accident causes physical injuries or property damage, responding police officers usually begin preparing reports while the participants and witnesses are still on the scene. When you are approached by the officer to explain your side of the story, be cooperative and respectful. Police officers are only human and their emotions and feelings are often evident in their reports. Be polite. Give the officer your driver’s license, registration and insurance information, but respectfully decline to discuss specifics about the accident until you speak to your attorney. At Sessums Law Group, P.A. we encourage clients to be respectfully silent on matters of fault and to remember these rules:

  • Do not admit fault to anyone
  • Do not share details about the accident on social media
  • Other than the minimum requirement, do not give details of the accident to your insurance company

What should I do or not do after a car wreck?

Protect yourself from further injury by staying out of the roadway. If your car is disabled and remains in a traffic lane, move out of the way of traffic to a safe location on the shoulder of the road. If anyone is injured and needs medical attention, call 911. Once you are safe and the authorities are on their way, begin gathering evidence to give to your personal injury lawyer.

As long as it is safe to do so, you can help us build a solid case for you by:

  • Taking pictures of the scene
  • Taking pictures of any vehicle and property damage caused by the accident
  • Getting contact information from other drivers and potential witnesses
  • Seeking medical care if you feel you are injured in any way

Have you been injured? Talk to our attorneys.

Car accidents are the most common type of personal injury in the United States. In case of injury, you want to find a lawyer to represent you. But regardless of your expectation to obtain attorneys, it is important that you seek treatment for your injuries immediately after the accident (or immediately when you discover the injury/injuries, if they are not apparent at the time of the accident).

Not only is a medical consultation crucial to your health, but it is beneficial to a lawsuit to provide detailed documentation of all treatment of your injuries.

Contact a Sebring or Lakeland car accident lawyer today

In the aftermath of an auto accident, you may have many questions, ranging from when to contact your insurance company to how strong your potential case is. Sessums Law Group is a firm of experienced Sebring and Lakeland car accident attorneys. We can answer these and any other queries you may have regarding your case. Call the Lakeland office at 877-826-5630, the Sebring office at 863-658-4796 or contact us online today at any of our locations for a free consultation.


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