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Take It Slow: When Speeding and Wet Roads Take Lives

It’s common knowledge that you shouldn’t speed when roads are wet, yet here in Central Florida, the regular presence of rainy weather and our open roadways can cause us to become calloused to the true danger of driving in inclement weather. Sadly, this led to the death of two local residents in Polk County this […]

Gotta Catch ‘Em All: How Pokémon Go Is Affecting Our Roadways

Pokémon Go, a recent game released for mobile devices, is a huge hit with people of all ages. Essentially, “catching” and collecting the various characters is the point of the game, but unlike traditional games, this app is a sort of “alternate reality” where the characters are found within your actual surroundings. While this might […]

Terrible Twenty-Seven: US Hwy. 27 Takes Another Life

US 27 here in Central Florida is a road well-known by Polk County residents, and it is not fondly thought of. This particular highway has a tendency to have a higher-than-average accident rate and claims multiple lives each year. Drivers frequently experience delays or rerouting thanks to collisions that take place on this road and […]

Habits to Make (and A Few to Break): Becoming a Safe Driver

New drivers are taught all kinds of rules and regulations when they take a driver’s education course, whether in school as a young teen, or as an adult at an actual driving school. Never driving while under the influence of alcohol or other substances, making sure to check your mirrors often, and using a turn […]

These Boots Are Made for Walking: Tips for Staying Safe As A Pedestrian

We have covered many topics related to being behind the wheel of a vehicle. We’ve tackled subject matter for teen drivers, tips for documenting an accident scene, and even what paperwork you need to keep in your car in case of an accident; however, we have NOT mentioned safety when you aren’t on the inside of a […]

Pack of Papers: 5 Documents You Need to Have in Your Vehicle at ALL Times

Here on the Sessums Law Group blog, we have written about what you should (and shouldn’t) do in the case of an automobile accident. However, something we haven’t yet covered is the documents you should have with you if, or when, you are in a collision. Having your paperwork in order before you ever need it […]

Knowing the “Zones”: 3 Common Car Accidents and How You Can Avoid Them

At Sessums Law Group, we see our fair share of vehicular accident victims come through our doors. We evaluate each case and each client carefully to make sure we are offering them the absolute best counsel and representation possible. Over time, we have noticed several trends in the cases of automobile collisions, specifically a trend […]

Hit and Run Accidents: What Victims Need to Know

Being involved in a car accident of any kind is distressing and a headache for everyone involved. However, being involved in a hit and run is exponentially more stressful, especially if the driver at fault is never found. Victims of these types of collisions are often left fighting their own insurance companies for compensation to […]


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